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my two little girls

My forever lunch dates
chick-fil-a & olive garden anyone?


red wine - acceptable anytime of the year


any form, from fried to mashed to scalloped get the picture

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A West Virginia wedding photographer, girl-mom and wine connoisseur who loves all things wedding!

You found me because you want to preserve your most memorable let's get started.

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I believe in doing more than just showing up and taking your photos. By capturing moments in an unforgettable fashion, I bring your memories to life through experience and dedication to my craft.  Establishing myself as more than just another wedding vendor on your big day, I am your friend from the first email to the final gallery. I make it my duty to be completely present through the entire process, serving couples to the fullest, and providing extra insight to those who are seeking wedding day advice!





fun facts about me


 I love airports and the anticipation of going somewhere ( did I mention people watching?)

but it takes 7-10 business days to actually put it away (or we just continue to wear clothes out of the same basket until it’s empty)

Do I actually like cleaning other peoples teeth? In a very weird way, yes! It’s like real life science project laying right in my lap (pun intended). A mouth is more than what you eat and talk with, it’s the pathway to the rest of your body. One of my favorite aspects of dentistry is looking for tooth decay or periodontal issues on a radiograph, consider me a disease preventing detective.

The thought of having to follow a recipe makes me sweat. I enjoy every minute of casseroles, soups, and semi-homemade meals. I’m a huge fan of NOT-measuring so a lot of dishes I make don’t come out the same every time:) Do I have lengthy Pinterest boards full of recipes I haven’t made? You betcha! Maybe in my next life :p

If you are looking for a deeply trustworthy person to creatively illustrate, guide, and deliver superior quality images that skillfully narrate YOUR wedding day...then I'm Your gal!

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