Just sittin’ over here reminiscing how being at a beach feels. Ahhh the coronavirus has ruined a lot for everyone and it’s OK to be upset. I am. Yes, this is a time to rest and reflect, however, my cabin fever tells a different story. I’m going back to Florida with this post. Most of the time, Josh and I take trips based on our availability between wedding, real estate, and farm season, but also if there is an opportunity for a direct flight. This was the case for Naples. I swear every trip we take I debate bringing my camera and at the end of every trip, I’m so glad I bring it. I honestly can’t help myself when it comes to photography, especially shooting places that isn’t our ‘norm’. I do, however, have to refrain from going on a shooting binge because that equates to time editing when we get home. I can FEEL the Florida sun and taste the tropical cocktails all from my office. Being stuck at home for the last year has made me realize I am a travel junkie and I’m not afraid to admit it. Enjoy a little trip to Naples where ever you may be 🙂

I view out our balcony.
Blue skies for days…
I’m such a white girl, anyone else?…I seriously need an SPF 50. It also doesn’t hurt to have a hat and a cool drink 🙂
Ahhhh Goldies Restaurant. We came across this gem just driving around.
Before and After: Breakfast served on a pizza tray.
Downtown Naples
I mean the light….this soft, golden, beautiful light is a photographer’s dream.
If there were a market for food photography, I’d be all in. I love textures and colors that food brings to the table (ha, pun intended on this). Let’s be real, presentation is everything.
A stud walking around
I’m also a sucker for landscape and architecture.
The Turtle Club at Vanderbilt Beach Resort. We discovered this place through a Google search and I’m so glad we decided to dine here. This place is not only known for great food and drinks, but it’s also THE place to watch the sun set.
A random couple sitting next to us on the patio. They were taking cell phone images and the wedding photographer in me couldn’t help but get them in front on my camera. I sent them all the photos I took 🙂
I mean YUM!
The start of sunset
If you’re gonna take sunset photos, stick around about 20 minutes after the sun actually sets. This is when the magic happens.
This just screamed “beer ad” to me.
Leaving on a jet plane

That’s it, folks. We have a family beach trip planned this summer and the kid in me can’t wait to go. I’m excited to see my mini me diggin’ around in sand (or probably eating it) and little tan lines. Fingers crossed this coronavirus will be long gone and we all can get back to normal. Until then, stay home and wash your hands!

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